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This is gonna be fun and hot

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New merch: Pretty much everywhere, it's gonna be hot.

Urban Dictionary: this is gonna be fun on the bun

March 27, 8: Videosift link From start to finish, the This is gonna be fun and hot inexplicably joy-inducing 9 seconds the internet has to offer. Thanks, Arthur. Hah, I thought your name was ghastlyfpp and I thought 'Most eponisterical post evah!

I feel stooopid. Please explain? I've been watching this multiple times ajd day for about two weeks. It just gets more surreal with repeated viewing. That said, I never thought "hey this would a vun one-link post on MeFi!

This will be remixed. It's gonna rain!

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And then we can turn off the Internet and go home. Arthur's laugh is infectious.

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This video will now have to move to second place for joy inducement. That laugh is in my head now, for the day. I don't know how I feel about this yet. Best weather report ever. I was perplexed at first, but finding myself watching it five times in succession and grinning more broadly each time revealed that there's something about the simplicity This is gonna be fun and hot the report and the way Arthur responds to the jacket gonnw.

That and the way they just kind of dismiss the whole thing when they move on like it never happened. Totally normal for most programs of this sort, but stands out because of the exchange.

Does one ever need a yellow TV jacket? Mutt at 8: Ber - I don't know, the farting preacher made me laugh out loud.

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If this gets deleted, I'm deleting me. This is what MeFi is all about.

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This sucked and so did the farting preacher! Is the Tuis preacher actually farting? Either way, I didn't find it funny, but I'm really curious about what's going on there.

Looking Teen Sex This is gonna be fun and hot

That was actually pretty charming, but this is still the most joy-inducing video on the interwebs. Arthur seems stoned.

Overselling your post is not a good idea. Here's my take on it: Before the day's filming, the news crew is nad by one of the producers.

It's the tailor downtown. So from now on I want you guys to wear these jackets on the air. They then spend the next fifteen minutes ridiculing the heck out of these jackets. This is gonna be fun and hot don't match what they're wearing, they're too hot, they're itchy, etc. Flash forward to the moment in the video-- When the newscaster makes the joke about not needing a jacket, it at first seems like pretty normal banter to Arthur.

But after a moment, it clicks. She just gave the tonna to bureaucratic pudding heads like their producer. On the air no less.

Search Real Swingers This is gonna be fun and hot

Hence the crack-up. Just my impression of it. Nice to see it here in th' blue.

Got your game plan together for the weekend? Finish up your honey-do list and then get your party on! KORD will be at Clover Island for. These tweets are so HOT HOT HOT it's actually kind of exhausting!. 년 8월 17일 We Young Lyrics: Hangul / We just wanna have fun / Cause' we hot and we young / 오늘 함께 해 It'll We're gonna shut this whole city down.

Count on Hilary to reference this in the Pennsylvania debate. What just happened? Ooh, ooh, are we posting bizarre YouTube videos today? Here's one that I like: Super Smash Brothers: Brawl characters dancing to a Swedish song called "Caramelldansen.

Is this from a real newscast? Or like some community college newscaster class? It all seems put upon and unfunny to me.

This is gonna be fun and hot

Very funny. Thanks Arthur! The laughing babies videos always make me happy. Surrealness by bullet: It's funny, but Well, it's Haiti. Not exactly TV market numero uno.

And notice it's in English.

In the same vein, giggly German weather lady. Sorry, no time to watch. Can someone give me a summary?

Let me explain No, it's too much. Let me sum up: Jackets are hilarious. It's too ephemeral for me to even type it out. Plus, the silent section is the funniest part. Mutt at Well, everyone's seen it. But this is the best youtube video.

When it comes to live news broadcasts, for me, nothing tops the great Wine Stomping Incident. Jesus, hott bit of looking on YouTube reveals that there's an entire This is gonna be fun and hot of videos consisting of various Japanese characters dancing to "Caramelldansen".

This one is apparently the progenitor Here's another, better done than Swing Party in South Carolina And another And more This guy made a live-action video for it The song is awesome, which is why I searched for it. It makes me want to start taking ecstasy again. I thought This is gonna be fun and hot only produced black metal and Gert Jonnys. I am now chuckling uncontrollably.

The dramatic hamster and this weather forecast, however, are mere amuses bouches for the sublime feast of awkward strange surprising redemptive magic that is "Boom Goes the Dynamite.

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That moment around 2: A gentle crescendo. Wins the internet. I watched this once, didn't get it. Went "what the hell," Tjis watched it again.

This is gonna be fun and hot This time, I burst out laughing. Ohhh, "wine stomping incident" gets a little to visceral for my taste. I encountered this last night, laughed my ass off, and then went about my merry way. A few hours Adult looking real sex Flandreau, I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep, thought of it again, and started laughing hysterically.

My girlfriend was not amused. Wow, that wine lady made the worst noise I've ever heard. I'm not feelin' it. It's a little slow for the first couple of seconds, but bear with it. I'm confused by that.

Does Haiti produce local English language TV? It's jot often that a video forces me to get up and walk around a bit to stop from laughing inappropriately at work, but the tarsier video that jedicus linked is one of those. It is absolutely sublime.