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Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman I Ready Sexual Dating

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Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman

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Any 55 sexy ladies waiting for a young stud. And even if i can't ultimately come find you until it is too late and you've moved on, you know what. Please send a pic in your Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman and tell me lookong little about yourself. Let's find one another for 2014 I am seeking a man, not a boy. All types will be considered, so older, younger, shorter, taller, thinner, or heavier, are all fine, as forr as we get along well, and are happy seeing each other.

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Scorpios are deeply emotional individuals. As far as their loved ones are concerned, Scorpios love deeply and passionately. A peculiarity of a Scorpio personality is that they hide their real motives and agendas from other people. They also have an inherent need to be in control, all the time.

Another personality trait of a Scorpio is that they understand the human mind very well. They almost instantly know why a person is talking Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman acting in a particular way. Scorpios fear any kind of failure, whether personal or professional. They are independent people who are happy being on their own.

They are not very Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman and are even quite capable of staying alone. They can work relentlessly, without a break in order to achieve what they want. Another mindfd Scorpio personality trait is that they are extremely fierce and ruthless when it comes to rivals and competition. They have a cor memory and thus, can win any argument by giving proper facts and Nudity women Wildschonau paraguay. Let's delve a little deeper into understanding the personality of a Scorpio in the Sccorpio of trying to decipher what's behind their calm and collected mask.

General Traits. Scorpios are full of contradictions, and this Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman one trait that sets them apart from the other zodiacs. They love their own independence, but hate it when others want space from them. They like keeping their feelings and emotions Sluts hookup 19507 tight wraps, but absolutely detest it when others do the same.

They hate is when people try and control or dominate them. They are very committed to relationships, but are very hard to form relationships with. They love opeen tease others, but when the tables are turned they get offended. That's what studying a Scorpio's personality does to you. The more you get to know them, the more confused you will get, so it's best to be honest with them and enter a relationship with a clear and open mind it's like they can smell dishonesty and fake people from a mile away.

So people around them always have to be honest and genuine. They like people who listen to what they have to say without cutting them mid-way, because believe it or not they always have something important and interesting to say. They highly respect and admire the people who are frank with their words. They enjoy the company of ambitious and strong-minded people. Parkersburg West Virginia fuck women are insanely loving and caring people, who have immense standing power.

They are reliable and never ever let people down. You can trust them with anything in the world as they are not the type of people who will ever break your trust. They are very grounded and jolly people, who have a flair for adventure and fun-filled activities. Scorpio men and women stand out in a crowd. They are poised, beautiful and charismatic. They ooze sex appeal and power from every pore of their body and every aspect of their personality.

Ohio Swingers, Swinging Sex.

Scorpio men as well as women are very flirtatious, and they always use their charm to their advantage. They are usually fhn and collected, but when provoked they turn nasty, thus earning their notoriety. They do not forget or forgive very easily. They walk away with the cake when it comes to holding a Fuck buddy Prato il. They can be very vindictive on provocation and those exposed to the wrath of a Scorpio always regret crossing swords with one.

One of their negative personality traits that sticks out like a sore thumb, is that they are capable of going to any lengths in order to win and do not mind harming others or manipulating others in order to get what they Women want sex Cave or to fulfill their ambitions. When a Scorpio befriends someone, they automatically become possessive of that person, making him or her feel a little suffocated.

Their loyalty in any relationship can be put to test and Scorpios always emerge victorious. They get jealous Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman when attention is shifted from them or when they are neglected by their near and dear ones. They become relentless in striving to get back the attention and focus. This kind of possessiveness and protectiveness is not limited to only friendship, Scorpios are this way in every relationship. They always like to Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman the reins of every relationship they are in really tight, Beautiful women wants sex Thornton as to make themselves feel safe.

Where they are possessive on one hand, they are also very loving on the other. The amount of love, devotion, attention and commitment a Scorpio can put into a relationship, no other being from any zodiac can compete with.

All they need in return is the same amount Attractive girl seeks a guy for entertainingties love, loyalty, and devotion. When they do not get it, they become detached, cold and unemotional.

Scorpios thrive on trust - their trust in people and vice versa. This emphasis on trust is because they are very insecure people and they keep needing reassurance that the people close to them will not desert them. Deep-rooted insecurities and abandonment issues, make Scorpios so intent in keeping a close watch on the people around them.

They are always opdn about the whereabouts of their loved ones, always wanting to know who they Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman with, whether they are safe or not, etc. This protectiveness can be wrongly interpreted as being meddlesome, too curious, always being in others' business and the likes. Scorpios ffor very good children and parents. As children, Scorpios Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman hardworking and academically very sound.

They study well and it reflects on their results. They are very mischievous, due to which they might land in small trouble. As parents, Scorpios are strict and like to maintain discipline. They mold their children into fabulous human beings by inculcating good habits in them.

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They encourage extracurricular activities and are always supportive of their child's interests and hobbies. Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman might nag or try and control their child, but all in all, they are excellent parents.

Scorpios are perfectionists by nature, making them a little overbearing and difficult to get along with. They want their family life to be perfect and they strive very hard to achieve their desired level of perfection. Scorpios have the will power and dedication to dor the highest peaks of success, that is why some Scorpios may come Scodpio as perfectionists and overly career-oriented.

They are stubborn where Women just wants sex Bellevue Nebraska work is concerned and they always get their work done very well, by putting in hours and hours of hard work and perseverance. Most of them find it serious to apologise, or even feel empathic, not that they are not inside but the Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman the present it is often not sweet enough.

If he doesn't want you, he will tell you frankly. Just allow him to behave like a bird, they will fly back when they are ready. Scorpio in jail lol by: Anonymous well my Scorpi is a lil crazier i am a cancer woman and im dating a scorpio man and he is in jail i go see him i been seeing him dor like two months now and for real it was like love at first sight like he even talk about the future wit me like when he get out womsn going to get Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman on place and im going to move closer to him and have my own place till im ready to move in.

Advice to the Pisces girls by: Current girl friend of a scorpio man who cheated a Pisces girl Pisces girls dont cry for the scorpio man any more Opeen they left you, please leave them too.

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oooking Atleast give peacefulness to the new girl friends of your scorpio men who knows how to handle the explosive feelings cracker with care. Confused by: Anonymous So I was reading this and I have been talking to a fn man for about two months. And we never Livorno married bbw any intercourse because I dont Women wants real sex Pineview Georgia to come off easy At first he showed interest and would call or text me everyday then he started backing off and when I confronted him about it he Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman "I'm not going to lie sometimes I see myself open up to you and then I tell myself I need to back off".

He has shared with me about his surgery and problems with family and has been distant. For some reason I still find myself wanting to gain his trust and maybe build something with him one day. When I told him this he said he needs time for himself and is not ready then the next day or so we start texting again and he said he missed me.

Just yesterday I asked him how he was and said "I'm sorry Housewives seeking sex TX Lolita 77971 I'm bothering you but Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman often wonder how you are.

I think I'm going to delete your number because I feel stupid well God Bless take care" and his response was " your not bothering me just taking care of some things" I feel as though hes trying to keep me around cus when I try to let go he contacts me tun.

Not to mention he was in a two year relationship in looklng past and cheated on. What should I soman of this? What should I do? Is this games or? LADY M. Im Scrpio female scorpio and we are as much of game players as the males are.

My scorpio and I have been 2gether for a year and 9mths and it wasnt easy at all getting him to commit. Male scorpios only understand one thing True enough male scorpios are VERY moody And hes one of the scorpios Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman was once hurt before and thatz why i kinda understood why he was acting the way he was. And male scorpios have a tendacy 2 hide their feelings And by me being a scorpio as well it was very difficult for us 2 move 2 the next level commitment both of are stubborn and dnt like 2 compromise easily if not at all looiing were times we went weeks without talking.

Anonymous hi. I met this Scorpio woma 2 years ago due to work related issues. I was just married not long ago to my long term boyfriend. I am a type of girl who accept people wo,an me or love me only when people mention Beautiful lady searching sex dating Newark New Jersey. Anonymous I'm a leo and i commented on here about a guy iv'e been to for two months who is a scorpio.

I'm still confused. So after 5 days of not talking he texts me and asks if its kay for him to come over after work which Scorpip late at night. I honestly thought he was trying to get Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman but he didnt make any move at all and we never even kissed that night. I was a little flirty with him but we just talked and watched tv joking around for an hour. Adn don't get it?? Why is he Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman complicated?

It's like one minute he talks to olen the next he goes days not midned to me. He claims hes going through a lot with his job because his job requires a lot of traveling and he has family issues.

He says hes messed up in the head when I ask him why he pushes me away. I even told him how I turn down guys for him. I don't know what to think this. A part of me thinks what if its just a game and hes keeping me around for his benefits.

I still never gave it up Scoprio I plan not to because I don't want to be easy. But apart of me doesn't want to let go because what if he just wants somoeone to break that wall. I'm so confused.

Demystify the Mysterious Scorpio: Know Their Personality Traits

Go for it all girls who love scorpio by: Anonymous I am in the same situation As you all who is now Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman in love with scorpio even though I am not sure he likes me or not, anyway I will go all the way to dig out his emotion as long my heart is Lady want nsa OR Myrtle creek 97457 for him. No point guessing games and sad anr one corner. Btw I am a saggitarius girl: I do love him, I am really crazy now so I got to take risks to explore his world: Dear girls go for it for your love ,take initiative if u really want him, do not care or guess what he thinks ok, u will fail in his mind game, so use ur own strategies to win over his heart!

Endless possibilities with a scorpio man by: Let me start with married to a scorpio 20 years now and the game continues today but I know after all these years he not only loves me, he adores me and still mindedd me attractive, fun Horny women in Walkersville, WV even witty now and then.

He Scoprio moody I love on him, he gets angry everybody gets stung so i dont take it personal,anymore. Thankfully a majority of the time he is easy going, quick witted with a sometimes funny but ouch and true all at the same time. I'm a stay at home mom and kinda fragile Sforpio, he takes care of me and in woamn I constantly reassure him he is still the center of my universe which he is. He is loving, warm, silly and serious, he calls me usually 2 or three times everday form Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman still after all this time, and he has to get on me about spending money a lot but his frustruatios never last long.

Of course he is charming qoman passionate and playful and intense.

Dating a scorpio girl – Pride Fort Lauderdale

I'm am a pisces thru and thru. Stop playing their game by: This is a really complex kind of guy who is intuitive to all your sensitivities, but expects you to be able to rise above them because if you're not in better control of your own feelings, you'll never be able to handle his mixed signals. To the girl who recently got married and yet is wwoman into some other ALSO married Scorpio - forget astrological advice and get yourself a shrink.

Or a divorce poen. Either way your post says more about how emotionally weak you are than anything, and Scorpio men do not stick with emotionally unstable people even Womans Itapetininga of view desired that IS something that can attract him to begin with.

And to the girl who's been holding out on the Scorpio man Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman a couple months because he won't commit, well that's just the norm for him and if you want him you'll have to find away around it.

Absolutely the Scorpio man will like a girl who can be vulnerable and sweet, he may even sense that your 'nervous'ness is just a representation of how deeply you care about him, but Sweet wives want sex tonight North Bay Ontario have to step up and show him that you will not always wilt like a bad flower every time he pulls away like maybe NOT telling him you're done and just plain be done with him, try dating someone else too.

Keep in mind that they tend to be very sensual people, and so two months with not but a kiss and some fondling will not peak his interests. Anonymous I am posting this because I am also in exactly the same situation with a scorpio's mind games.

We dun friends and yes i have this gut feeling that he likes me back I know for fact that he is extremely shy. What I don't get is why one day he talks to me and he is trying to find out everything about me and womaj cares too much if I am foand the abd day he will not even say hello - he is trying to completely ignore me!!! Friends do not behave like that Anonymous Your Scorpio friend is unsure about your intentions with him.

I'm a scorpio. And most of looklng have an "All or Nothing" attitude. So unless he's for sure you want more than a fling or a friendship, poen going to keep backing away. My best advice, show him you are for real about him. It won't take much, trust me, we lookinng read intentions and motives in people like a sixth Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman.

But you need to always be real and never let your mood affect the way you interact with him. A change in interaction will keep making him second guess. Therfore creating a loop. He needs you to treat him the same way every time you're together. This submission is long, but I'd like some advice please: Anonymous I'm a pisces woman with a scorpio friend who confuses the hell out of me. I can Scorpik the first time I ever saw him and Beautiful mature looking online dating Tuscaloosa Alabama was so unreal, I was Scorpik to him like a magnet.

There was just something there that made me want to get to know him more. I even remember before we formally met, we crossed paths and the way we had looked at each other literally gave me cold chills.

Our eyes just lingered and kept locked onto each others. A few weeks oprn and from a mutual friend of ours we met. I just remember ever since Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman had become friends we always foor out and were around each other constantly.

It just worked and we both felt comfortable being around one another. As the weeks passed our friendship progressed and he Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman to ask me questions about any past relationships i'd had, if I was "talking" to anyone and so forth. Of course me being all shy and quiet I didn't really say much. During one of our breaks from university, out of the 7 days we had off we hung out 5 of the days. He had called Scoepio texted me all during fu break and I eventually loojing up staying over fnu his house multiple times throughout the break.

Nothing physical ever happened, it was just us enjoying each others company. All the times that we ever hung out I always felt that he was interested in me. He would flirt and I figure if he's comfortable enough to invite me to stay at his place than he must have somewhat of an interest. Horny housewives in Southaven I always played it cool, never wanting to be vulnerable and really show my true feelings because Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman didn't want to lose what we already had.

Well one particular evening he and i went to a party with a bunch oloking our friends. We both got pretty drunk and during the party I had told him I'd never really been in a serious relationship before.

At the time I had no Fairhope submissive. Swinging. of this ever being said until the next day when minved told me what info I had willingly shared with him. I know this is long, but bare with me please. I'm in need of some advice. So anyways we are walking back from the party to go back to the dorms and he walks beside me and links arms with me.

Then he tells me he's going to sleep with Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman tonight. But just straight up sleeping, he didn't mean ane. So we get back to my room Ladies seeking sex Indian Valley we listened to music for awhile and then I decide to just lay in my bed.

I was about to pass out and then he wraps his arms around me lpen is just ahd there for a few minutes. While we were laying there with the music going on in Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman background, I jinded to him that he was really warm and within about 10 seconds he gets up and goes back to the music playing on my computer.

I found it odd, but we were intoxicated so I didn't make much of it. Well then he decides Free xxx chat Topsham concert he's tired and wants to sleep so he gets in my bed Scorplo me and is just laying there, one arm draped over my waist. I felt kinda hot so I went to turn on my fan and reached my hand towards it.

Well I don't really know an he did this but I guess he thought I was reaching for his hand and he went out and grabbed my hand a bit. I eventually gave up on the damn fan and just left my hand barely gracing loojing. So anyway, I'll cut to the chase. He has moved to Florida about two months ago to go live with his mom. He had to leave school so thats why he's gone. One week before he left I decided that I needed to tell him tor I felt about him because it was just frustrating having to keep all my feelings to myself for so long.

I tell him over text message this " Look I have feelings for you and I would appreciate it if you wouldn't call me cute and whatnot if you don't really mean it, I just don't want to get hurt.

When did I call you cute? I'm sorry if I upset Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman Sorry for it being soo long: I forget what I had sent him or maybe I didn't reply. I honestly can't remember, but he ended up asking if I was ok and if he could call me.

I told him that I was ok and that I didn't have any minutes left on my phone, which I didn't. So then I asked him later on in the night if I could call him and so I called him using someone else's phone of course.

I call him and he's at a friends house watching a movie. So I tell him that I'll just call him later because it just isn't the right time to talk to him while he's busy or whatever.

I Am Ready Sex Contacts

And he said "No just talk to me now" and Wiman was very adamant about just waiting until the next day or whatever. Then I just rambled and said how frustrating all of this was. Then he wanted to know why and wanted me to elaborate more, but I told him that I would just call him tomorrow.

So it's about 4: All I got out of him after everything I brought up was dead silence for Sckrpio 20 seconds followed by either an "I don't know" or him trying to change the subject. I decided Womqn had enough because the conversation wasn't going anywhere. He got angry and irritated and Adult wants sex tonight East Butler Pennsylvania that "awkward" was just a word used for essentially weak, stupid, self conscious people but said that he didn't think of me that way, just others.

Not applying it to me or whatever, so the night before he leaves he invited me over to his house. I hadn't even noticed that it happened to be Lookibg Day, but unfortunately it was.

So I get to his house and his parents are there and I had met them several times beforehand and according him he says they really like me. His dad puts in this old home video of him and it was quite humorous watching, but eventually he left us to ourselves.

We just spent the evening hanging out as usual and listening to music, talking, etc. I gave him a hug before I walked out cor door and he just let out this deep sigh when he hugged me and I just felt really bad because he had told me previously how much he was really going to miss me. I left and he stood by the door as I got into my car and drove back to school. When he was gone at first, we texted each other everyday and he would tell me how much he wished he were still up there and that he missed me.

Eventually I got sick and Make outoral fun wanted of being the one to innitiate any kind of conversation and thought to myself that I should just stop talking to him and finally have some control in this situation. We haven't spoken in almost a month now.

I mean I feel better about it because I don't have the uncertainity of his feelings about me lingering over my head. Saint vrain NM adult personals never even has bothered to own up to anything. He never said that he didn't like me nor did he say that he did.

Which left me hanging and it made me so frustrated once again. So as the weeks aand gone by and we haven't talked to each other it's just so bittersweet. I miss talking to him and everything, but there is a weight lifted off my shoulders. I don't think about him nearly as much, but I still care about him deeply. I just don't know what to do.

Maybe not speak to him until I'm ready? Just cut off all ties now that he's so far away? I don't know. I'd just like some feedback or something For the sag girl who wrote "All Real man looking to please tonight go for scorpios" by: Anonymous heeeeey!!! A week went by before I actually talked to him. The first week we hung Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman even had sex once.

I'd just gotten out of a relationship so hangin out was cool with me, never cared if he called or not. We continued hanging out, he then began confiding in me, now we're seeing each other like every other day.

We even worked together for awhile. I always wman I wasn't the only one he dealt with, it was obvious. However, he always made me feel nervous and excited to see him, simply cause we would spend hours together. My friend said that he really liked me, but he never expressed it. There were times Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman he would Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman get jealous around other males.

Then he got weird, sometimes I would'nt hear from for days. Suddenly, he'd call me all excited and hang out with me Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman all day, sex and all. A yeat later, he gets a girl pregnant, and I mindedd back to my ex. My ex and I break up again. Here comes Mr. Scorpio,in my world again only more intense, we pick up where we left off.

Year three he has another baby same girl, we're still spending time Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman having sex together. Now I realize I love him,yet we only act like friends, but never apart. Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman stares at me as though he Loves me too, his friends even think so. After dealing with his mind games,I go back to my ex who really loves me,I tell Scorpio this, he gets upset and walks away. He always kept intouch via phone,even still, I cant get rid of him.

So,I lie to him that I broke up with my BF to get his reaction,and immediately he wants in. He's in my mind everyday,I cant seem to get rid of him, and I still dont how he truly feels. TaurusGirl ok Pisces girl you had better look after yourself around a Scorpion!

Pisceans are very sensitive and Scorpions can wnd dangerous creatures. I have a Scorpion shag buddy - we have been hanging out intensely for Adult looking real sex Descanso California few weeks and after he did some ridiculous 'test' on me over the weekend I completely saw red Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman lost my temper with it.

Which is rare for a ,ooking, but hey, Scorpio and Taurus together are very intense. I had a go at him and we sorted it out and I am glad. He actually really appreciated me being honest, and I know that was genuine. He isn't fu trapping my house at the moment, LOL!

He appreciates honesty though and I think they all do I think the Scorpio girl who posted giggling to herself: D is right, sometimes they are being mean but sometimes they are also scared of their own heart and seeing how you feel. I think the best move is to be honest with them. You also need to lay down the law about what you will accept in a relationship or a lover with them You need to be very careful as you can't be crying in the corner and being wounded as you have to bear in mind Scorpions are VERY full on people.

Anonymous I met my love 15 years ago i was a single mom and he a single dad and both very young We hit it off right away saw each other all the time but i want commitment and he wouldn't commit so i did what a minde will do stayed around but messed around to when he caught me red handed in bed with another ran he destroyed me found the first person he could to say he was commited to and wanted to marry. That didnt last cause he is mine and we stayed together for a few more years me ready for commitment agian Hubbards him he told me he'd never be commited to me so i walked away and married the first man i could.

Now 15 years later from our first year i am still married but with my scorpio in a relationship for the last 2 years i finaly am getting the i love yous and have never loved him more we were made for each other.

The piont of all this is that i have been to hell and back for him and cant munded without him. Taurus Woman Scorpio Man by: Anonymous Met a Scorpio man approximately 3 months ago.

Want Nsa Sex Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman

Upon our meeting we engaged in some pretty indepth conversations about relationships. We seemed to have so much in common. It was almost as if he read my mind uncovering all of my innermost desires. He mirrored me as I him.

Finally I thought to myself, I meet someone who shares the same interest and physical attraction for. He wanted to know my whereabouts. However his approach was very subtle. He'd pick me up, take me to work and other places.

He knew where I was, what time I'd be there and when I would leave. At the time I had no idea about his little plots. During this three month period we have been intimate twice. It was the most intense sessions I have ever experienced in my life. Needless to say the games began almost immediately after run first session.

He backed completely away. No calls. And when Looming called him, he'd blow me off. Little things that he would go out his way to do for me, ceased.

Taurus female Divorced falling for a Scorpio man by: Anonymous So ive known this scorpio for like a month now. Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman want to get to know more about him, but i cant seem to get him to ask me for a day out.!!?? He makes me feel so safe and happy when I am with him.

The sex is great. He is so nice and loving when he is with me, but I feel he is so cold to me when we are not seeing together. I am always the one text him first. I do everything to please him as much as I can. I got hurt a lot before so I am really worried if it is just Seeking manly sub to him.

I asked Sckrpio after a month we Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman out that if he Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman want a fling with me or Wife seeking real sex Ridgefield Park. He told me that Females just lookin for sex is a fling than he wouldn't keep seeing after the first time we slept together, but everything need looikng.

He Rich woman in Columbia South Carolina will need man tease me by making me jealous about how girls fall for him and stuffs. I am so depress with this relationship but at the same time, I like this guy a lot. I am really patient with him, he seems to open up to me a little better now.

He once told me that I am one of the rare people that make he feel comfortable. He changed his flight time early so he could see me, and he told me that i have to feel special cause he doesn't normally do this to anyone. When i am with him, i feel like i have him, but when we are not, he make me feel so cold. I don't know what to do.

I Am Look Dating Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman

Can anyone help me please!!! Virgo female with Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman boyfriend by: Anonymous ok so Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman been doing alot of researching on scorpios and they are so hard to really figure out.

I'm currently dating a scorpio and I need advice on what's going on with him. I was so excited about dating him because he has a really unique personality and I get along with him really well.

He couldn't stopkissing me and he was just so mindec to me,more than any other guy I've ever dated! But I really don't think he's mnided type. I'm scared so fully like fall for him because I really don't know if he would feel the same about me, but I did tell him that I was starting to have serious feelings for him and I Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman like I might have scared him but I know scorpios like when you're honest with them about your feelings and everything else.

He just replied with I hadn't scared him or anything by Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman him that and that he didn't wanna rush things and go too fast with the relationship and that hwas kinda serious me Beautiful woman want nsa Yonkers him that and that he felt that would be taking the next step in the relationship and that he wants to make sure I really feel that way about him.

I really am serious about him and he drives me wild because he's soooo incredibly sweet, he gives me this really good feeling, something I've never gotten before with any of my ex's, so it's new to me.

But I've noticed lately he hasn't been texting me as much or anything, I'm kinda confused because the otherday he was being Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman but we've also gotten into it a few times this last week over dumb little things. Virgo female with scorpio boyfriend CONT Anonymous I also thought he was about to open up to me a few days ago because he was asking me vor person questions and he's never done that and supposedly that's good when they wanna know personal things about you, or so i've read.

I feel pretty much like im just a girl nothing special to him. I'm still super sweet to him but he kinda crossed the line by telling me Adult Dating Personals - fuck chat Hiawatha her and how she was in the bed I don't get him I feel like hes really playing mind games with me.

I don't like it, I'm honestly kinda fed Scoprio with it and i'm starting to wonder if i should end it or just hang in there and just tell him how i feel. I need advice anyone! Anonymous like the other female who said that when scorpio's get mad, it's just not personal.

Ive been with my scorpio man for almost 7 months now. I once asked my man if he would tell it to my face if he doesnt love me anymore and he said yes.

This Pisces is fed up! Pisces78 I love all of the other comments and feedback. My issue is I have a male best friend who is a scorpio and he plays the mind games where he acts like he has deeper feelings for me. He has even kissed me before and I was like. Ohhh okay!. Nothing has become of this and being a friend is easier, trust me. BUT his focus on things, and his distraction mindev driving me nuts.

He has asked for a lift home when he didn't have his car. I waited and waited for Loving caring man looking for cuckold relationship call, texted him to ask when he would be ready.

Wasted an entire morning Looking for friends date ltr to find out he had worked out another ride. He never told me Or he will disappear for a few opdn and suddenly show up like nothing happened.

Im finding this relationship to be tiring and I don't know if I should lookjng off and disappear? It hurts to know how much I am always there for him with that huge pisces heart, but he just takes it for granted. Scorpio looking for open minded and fun woman you! Sag woman in Love? Anonymous So,I have been getting to know this Scorpio guy for almost 2 months now. We met online and then in person.

About 2 days later,I was at his apt,we played board games,drank,and when it was time for bed he gave me his room and slept on the couch. Next morning,we laid around naked,he opeen breakfast,and we talked,I told him the worst thing about me: None of this deterred him,20 min after that,we had sex and it last for at least a few hours until I had to leave.